Admission Procedures

Computer Science Bachelor Program (English)

 Undergraduate Educational program “Computer Science” 

Awarded qualificationBachelor of Computer Science

Duration and Volume of Program in Credits: Program duration is 4 academic years or 8 semesters and includes 240 ECTS credits;

Language of Education programEnglish

Tuition fees: annually 3500 USD (1750 USD per semester)

Head of the Program: Dr. Manana Khachidze

Program coordinator: Dr. Magda Tsintsadze

Admission Requirements:

  • Application form;   
  • Secondary school certificate translated into Georgian language and attested by notary;
  • Passport copy translated into Georgian language and attested by notary;
  • Proof that Mathematics and English language courses were passed at school;
  • Successful Interview with TSU Administration.

Send your application and all required documents to the following email addresses: and

After submitting documents, candidates should be invited for the video interview by skype to confirm efficient knowledge of the English language.

In case of any questions regarding the admission procedures, please contact Admission Coordinator 

Procedures for International Student Admission at TSU Bachelors Program

Natural and Exact Science Department with close coordination of the TSU administration ensures immediate responses and consultations regarding admission procedures for international applicants. For this purposes the International Admission Coordinator together with program director ensures step by step guidance and procedures for applicants.

International applicant’s admission process includes 10 main steps:  

Step 1. Contact international Admission Coordinator directly by email

Step 2. Feel the TSU application form   and send the signed form and passport copy to the Admission Coordinator;

Step 3. Coordinator will arrange online interview for you and let you know about interview instruction time and password to be connected on the platform;

Step 4. Interview with the department/university representatives;

Step 5. Admission Coordinator will inform you about results of interview process and sends the TSU offer letter;

Step 6. You need to provide translated passport and education documentation to the coordinator for Ministry Admission, and you should apply to the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia for Ministry Admission. (In case applicant needs help to higher the translation and legalization of education documents in Georgia, she/he should contact service providers in Tbilisi and pay documentation service fee in the range 200 - 250 EURO).

Step 7. Coordinator will send to you the TSU contract. You should sign and send it back to the coordinator. Based on the signed contract TSU rector’s Order on your admission will be issued.

Step 8. After Rector’s order, you should pay (TSU Account) tuition fees for the first semester,

Step 9. As soon as we get confirmation from the TSU finance department on your payment, we will send the official Letter of Invitation and your student status will be reflected on the National Student Registry of Georgia, which will allow you to apply for student VISA in Georgia Embassy.

Take into account that international student admission in Georgia from Application, Admission and Visa procedures needs at least two - three month time period before the semester starts.

Dr. Magda Tsintsadze will coordinate and advise international applicants regarding international student admission procedures at TSU Computing Bachelors Program and guide them to complete admission steps. 

Contact information:;

Viber/WhatsApp/Messenger: +995 577 204433.