The educational process at TSU

Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University (TSU) is a spiritual and intellectual successor of multi-century Georgian culture, humanistic traditions and old Georgian educational, scientific and cultural centers. 

to accumulate the respective amount of credits for the accomplishment of each cycle of higher education.

The first cycle – Bachelor’s degree programme – at least 240 ECTS credits

From 2007 until 2010 there was a certified specialist’s educational programme  within the framework of higher education, which covered 120-180 ECTS credits.

The students were admitted to these programmes commensurate with the procedure, envisaged by Georgian law, against a general education certificate.

A higher education institution is entitled to award an interim qualification to a student in the case of taking only a part of the educational programme (in the case of accumulation of ECTS credits envisaged for the short cycle within the first cycle educational programme). An interim qualification can be awarded after the attainment of the learning outcomes envisaged for a part of the respective educational programme, which cannot be less than the half of the net amount of ECTS credits envisaged for the educational programme concerned (from 1 September 2010).

The second cycle: Master’s degree Programme – at least, 120 ECTS credits

The third cycle: Doctorate – at least, 180 ECTS credits