Manana Khachidze - Best Female Scientist

3 October 2022

Manana Khachidze (professor of Computer Sciences department) became the winner of the Shota Rustaveli Prize of the Georgian National Foundation - "Women in Science" - for special achievements in Information Technology.

The main goal of the competition announced by the foundation was to identify and encourage an exceptionally successful female scientist working in the field of information technology.

“The competition will contribute to the implementation of the “Gender Equality Plan”, approved within the framework of the European Union Research and Innovation Framework Project “Horizon 2020” (CALIPER), which aims to connect research and innovation for gender equality,” the website of the Rustaveli National Science Foundation notes. .

The right to participate in the competition had the citizenship of Georgia, a scientist working in the field of information technology: a person with a doctoral degree or an equivalent academic degree, who is engaged in scientific research and (or) academic activities in a Georgian research organization. and/or higher education institution.

According to Manana Khachidze, the terms of the competition, not a specific work or project was evaluated, but all activities in the field of information and communication technologies, both from a research, pedagogical, and professional point of view.

“Before, I did not participate in such competitions. I wasn't going to this time either, but the persistence of the girls in my department (computer science) forced me to take part. I received the Presidential Scholarship very early, when I was a young scientist (this was during Shevardnadze's time). In this case, the amount is not important. I am grateful that I was appreciated (maybe I am ambitious) and appreciated. After graduating from the university (since 1987), I have been engaged in both scientific and teaching activities. Most of the money (it's not much) will be spent on the various needs of students, on various little things that will be necessary for the educational process and to encourage students. If there is money left, it will be for publishing an article in a scientific journal, and this is not very cheap," said Manana Khachidze.