Programming in Python (basic course)

1 November 2022

The purpose of the course is to teach the student the Python programming language and its basic constructions: conditional and cyclic operators, functions, arrays, memory management, working with the file system. Statement of the problem and its solution using the basic structures of the programming language.

After completing the certification course, the student will know the basics of programming in the Python language. In particular, he will be able to define data types and implement their processing using various constructs. The user will be able to create his own type of consumer according to the task, overload different operators for it as needed, use containers for storing data.

Preconditions for participation in the course:

  • Basic computer skills;
  • Ability for simple logical thinking;
  • English language (elementary).

The course is head by: Papuna Karchava, Temur  Adeishvili, Tornike Mikhelidze.

Course volume: 60 academical hours.

Course price: 500 Lari (GEL).

The course will start from 16.11.2022

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Contact: Center for Continuing Education, Tbilisi State University (Ilia Chavchavadze Ave.1)

Mobile: 2 25 04 84 


Upon completion of training, a certificate is issued.